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In the name of God

In 1968, the SIMCO Company was founded with production of low voltage wire and cable in Tehran by two great men in wire and cable industry, Mr. Mir Esmael Ghaedan and Mr. Mahmood Haji Jafari. In 1975, In order to development and use of modern technology moved to Rasht (Gilan/Iran) and operated in nominal capacity of 15,000 tons per year and with an area of 150,000 m2 consist of 40,000 m2 production plant, official plant and laboratory.  

At the end of 1993, by expansion of construction and development of towns and villages and also creation of large infrastructure such as roads and railways , the development of heavy industries such as steel, cement, refineries, petrochemical and development of distribution network in the whole breadth of the country, wire and cable industry's growing requirements increased .

At that time, SIMCO enterprise to development and production of needed goods for country and related industries. After required preparing and purchase of related machinery, at the end of 1997, the production line started in Iran for the first time and produced 20kV cable using gas curing technology. After that, in 1998, SIMCO produced 63kV cable for the first time in Iran and received type test from Kema international laboratory (Netherland) and so received first ranking award for first producer of 63kV cable in Iran. 


Also in 2000, in order to industrial innovation and self-sufficiency, SIMCO continued R&D activities for production of 132 kV cable. And finally, in 2002, SIMCO successfully produced first 132kV cable in Iran. In 2003, SIMCO received Kema type test certificate for 132kV cable to ensure the best quality of the products and eliminated the dependence of other country and import.

With increasingly expansion of towns and requirement of department of energy to the cable of higher voltage, SIMCO decided to produce extra high voltage up to 400kV. So that in 2008, SIMCO completely installed 400kV cable production line with the most advanced technologies in the world, and constructed quality control laboratory and bought other required instrumentation. In 2010, SIMCO successfully produced 230kV cable with cross section of 1600 mm2 of Milliken conductor and received type test of the cable from CESI Company.

Our high voltage laboratories with modern and updated equipments have capability of impulse test up to 1600kV and AC voltage test up to 400kV, that be used for HV and EHV cable tests. 

Now SIMCO with over 45 years experience and 250 employees and a production capacity of 102,500 tones produce wire and cable according to national standard “ISIRI”, international standards such as “IEC” “BSI”, “JIS”, “VDE” and other standards.

SIMCO can produce all type of low, medium, high and extra high voltage cable up to 400kV, all type of low and medium voltage self-supporting cable, all type of control and signal cable and flat control cable for special purposes, all type of flexible wire and cable, all type of telecommunication cable and coaxial cable.

For customer satisfaction, SIMCO installed the most advanced granule machinery, and can produce all type of PVC compound such as Low smoke, flame retardant, chemical resistance and rodent resistance.

Now, our various products are used in towns, industrial and residential plants, power plants, companies, oil and gas industries, regional electricity and distribution companies, petrochemical plants, steel great plants, water, gas and combined cycle power plants and etc.

R&D unit of SIMCO according to responsibility, publish scientific article, hold justification seminars and also scientific workshops for major consumers, regional powers, electricity distribution companies, universities and educational and training centers. 

SIMCO is pioneers of receiving quality management system certificate “ISO 9001” from 1997, and have environmental certificate “ISO 14001” and Occupational health and safety “OHSAS 18001” from 2007. Also SIMCO have an accreditation certificate of laboratory colleagues from institute of standards and industrial research of Iran, and also have quality management system certificate “ISO/IEC 17025” from DAKKS institute (Germany) and product mark of VDE (Germany).

SIMCO managing director:

Deceased Mr. Mahmood Haji Jafari from 1966 to 1978
Deceased Mr. Fereidoon Kia from 1978 to 1980
Mr. Parviz Hourfar from 1980 to 2015
Mr. Enayatollah Dabirian from 2015 until now


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